Our web and mobile business applications

Our systems development and integration team specialize in the design, development and support of customized business solutions.

Relying on the Infynia team to develop your web and mobile applications or carry out your intranet and extranet projects gives you the opportunity to reach your business objectives while respecting your technological, financial and human constraints.

Our key areas of activity

Web and mobile development

Manage your business more efficiently with
custom-built tools

Remote site management

Ensure that your travel and accommodation operations are effectively managed

Systems integration

Interconnect your different tools and applications to optimize your operational performance

Customized and flexible business applications

At Infynia, we see technology as a tool and not an end in itself. Our approach is based on listening to our customers and understanding their business issues and constraints in order to recommend the right solution that meets their needs.

In this context and through our rigorous processes, our team can design, develop and support modern, scalable and easy-to-use applications based on the suitable technologies.

Our integrated web application CampLogistiks, which is considered a Canadian leader in remote industrial site management (FIFO), is one of our team’s top achievements. Moreover, multinationals in the mining and petroleum sectors have been using it on a daily basis since 2009. It provides them with all the tools they need to manage their travel, accommodation, housekeeping, cafeteria and many other operations in a single modern, simple and efficient tool.

Let us help you, no matter your industry.

The key elements that set us apart in the market

Excellent value for money

We build close relationships with our clients and offer them an excellent level of service for the best possible price.

A special concern for ease of use

A poorly designed and hard-to-use application will never meet the business objectives for which it was created. That’s why we pay special attention to interface design to ensure the highest level of intuitiveness and fluidity.

Not reinventing the wheel

We always try to leverage the existing investments of our clients, as well as “prefabricated” technological tools such as frameworks, libraries and reusable applications.

Agile-based methodology

We prioritize an approach that enables projects to be built incrementally through intermediate deliveries. This reduces project risks and total cost by involving the client early and consistently in the project life cycle. That said, we can, if necessary, adapt to other client-specific methodologies.

Want to discover what our business management applications can do for you?

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