Remote site management made easy with the CampLogistiks app

CampLogistiks : the best integrated software
to manage your remote camps and your chartered transport

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CampLogistiks is an integrated, scalable and easy-to-use web application that is specifically designed to manage work schedules, as well as hosting, fly-in/fly-out, cafeteria and remote site housekeeping logistics.

While specifically designed for mining, oil and energy companies, our solution also allows builders and camp operators to manage their open and closed camps and invoice their customers efficiently.

Integrated modules from CampLogistiks and resource management and optimization tools enable our clients to significantly boost efficiencies. This can have a direct impact on their profitability and scheduling.

Services related to our remote camp management application CampLogistiks

The services offered alongside our software include analysis, configuration, installation, training, support and software customization. Operating infrastructure and/or cloud hosting can also be included as part of our turnkey solution.

Our excellent bilingual customer service, combined with our ability to rapidly and rigorously scale the software, has made CampLogistiks a leader in Canada. Several major clients operating in the natural resources sector in distant territories, including GoldCorp, ArcelorMittal, DetourGold or Horizon North Logistics, have been using our software on a daily basis to operate more than 10,000 beds since 2009.

The main CampLogistiks software modules



This module allows you to add, modify, disable, revoke access and terminate employees and visitors.

This module allows you to manage room and travel bookings that are delineated by two dates. Each reservation can be day or night and can be attached to different allocation variables such as department, project and cost center for billing and reporting purposes.

This module allows you to :

  • Define the different types of work schedules such as 14/14, 7/7 or 4/3, day, night or alternating;
  • Assign employees to their schedules, room and entry-exit trips in seconds. The system will automatically create all occurrences of future bookings until the employee is terminated or his or her schedule is changed

Manage exceptions such as absences or changes to the arrival and departure dates of a particular booking, without affecting the entire routine.

This module allows you to :

  • Manage chartered and road trips;
  • Manage exceptions more easily (e.g. massive passenger transfers, flight cancellations, confirmation of all waiting passengers, etc.)
  • Full integration with room reservations

Send email notifications to employees and/or supervisors of their detailed itineraries, cancellations, travel time changes, etc..

This module allows you to:

  • Manage meals served by day and by employee using their access cards. Meal transactions are attached to each employee’s booking, employer, department, cost center, project, etc.

The cafeteria module can operate either in touch-screen mode that would be deployed on a workstation at the entrance and operated by an agent, or in stand-alone mode using a turnstile.

This module allows you to :

  • Generate and print the daily household schedule in seconds, based on the room status in real-time;
  • Three types of housekeeping are available: regular housekeeping, sheet changes every 7 or 14 days and full cleaning on the day of departure.
  • In the event of work overload, the system offers the possibility of transferring certain housekeeping tasks that are not carried out from one day to the next;

Housekeeping management performed by day and employee

The invoicing module is used by camp operators to charge their clients for overnight stays, meals and special expenses (e.g. groceries and other purchases) for workers who have been housed for a given period of time. An invoice locking and versioning process exists to maintain the integrity of the data in relation to the bookings attached to it.

  • This tool facilitates locker and depot management and baggage pickup between two employee/visitor return trips;
  • This module generates the “Site orientation” training report daily as well as the firefighters’ and first responders’ attendance report in a given period.
  • Extranet allows external contractors to manage their own worker records and submit reservation requests online without the ability to assign rooms and flights.
  • It can also be used by in-house project managers to submit booking requests for the workers on their projects.
  • This significantly reduces the workload of the booking center and focuses mainly on room and flight assignment and exception handling..
  • It also centralizes all messages exchanged with project managers and external contractors regarding reservations
  • The system offers more than 30 reports, including real-time statistics and forecasts. These reports cover the main system components: employees, accommodation, travel, cafeteria, housekeeping, invoicing and training.
  • Overnight, travel and meal costs are paired with bookings and can be tied to the same allocation variables (e.g. department, project, cost centers, etc.).

For more information on our remote site management application CampLogistiks

If you would like more information about CampLogistiks to find out how this innovative tool can help you manage your worker camps, we encourage you to visit the CampLogistiks website.

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