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The mission entrusted to us by société STACI (France)

STACI managed its client records using a manual procedure that required the involvement of several employees based on a certain hierarchy. This form of management was cumbersome and costly, while also posing risks to information confidentiality.

Solutions implemented to meet the client’s needs

Infynia designed and developed a Cloud-based workflow management tool.
The application mainly enables the secure management of STACI’s customer engagement records, from their creation and approval to their archiving in an online library in PDF format. All stages of the process are supported by an email notification system.


This app development has allowed STACI to benefit from:This app development has allowed STACI to benefit from:

  • A secure, efficient and user-friendly sharing environment.
  • An upgrade to the Cloud and elimination of office paperwork.

Project sheet:

Company: STACI (France)

Location: Saint Ouen l’Aumone, France

Industry sector: Service

Technologies: Sharepoint Online in Office 365

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