Installation of a facial recognition system at the head office

Learn how Infynia contributed to implementing a new, safer and more efficient access management system at CN’s head office.

The mission entrusted to us by Canadian National management

CN wanted to modernize its access control system for its Montreal headquarters and move from an access card solution to a user identity-based security solution. solution de sécurité fondée sur l’identité des utilisateurs.

The challenge involved deploying a biometric access control solution that would not interfere with the circulation of more than 4,000 users per day. Moreover, the solution had to be intuitive and easy to use while ensuring the security of the perimeter and its users.

Solutions implemented to meet the client’s needs

We deployed FST Biometric’s In Motion Identification (IMID) solution by integrating Automatic Systems SmartLane turnstiles. The IMID solution focuses on facial recognition. Users authorized to enter the zone are registered in the system so that it recognizes their faces as soon as they approach the turnstiles, which then open automatically. This solution was deployed to all corporate access points. All users were registered in just a few weeks.

Results obtained from the facial recognition system installation

The access system is seamless and meets CN’s needs. Other installations are planned for the future.

Project sheet:

Company: CN

Location: Montréal, Québec

Industry sector: Shipping

Application: Facial recognition

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