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The mission entrusted to us by Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec (BSDQ)

The BSDQ had an old proprietary application that allowed it to manage several critical operations, including tender securities, complaints, invoicing and reports. The application was complex, the resources familiar with this technology were scarce and the maintenance cost was high.

Solutions implemented to meet the client’s needs

Given the specific nature of the BSDQ’s processes, Infynia designed and developed a new user-friendly, stable and scalable application. The application is integrated with the BSDQ’s electronic submission system (ESS) in real-time.


The backend was faithfully delivered in accordance with the specifications, schedule and budget.
The stability and user-friendliness of the application have enabled the BSDQ to reduce its maintenance costs.

Project sheet:

Company: BSDQ

Location: Montréal, Québec

Industry sector: Construction

Technologies:#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, LINQ to Entities, WCF RIA Services, Silverlight 5, CSS3, jQuery

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