IT infrastructure

Infynia your ideal partner

Infynia is your go-to partner to design, implement and support hardware and software infrastructures that perfectly meet your business needs. The IT solutions we offer take into account your financial, technological and organizational constraints. In addition, our solutions are based on commercial products from well-known manufacturers.

Groupe Infynia: highly versatile infrastructure development

Our infrastructure services cover the planning, architecture, procurement, deployment, migration and support of:

  • VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Solutions
  • Storage solutions (SAN, NAS)
  • Citrix Solutions
  • AD Company Directories
  • Microsoft Exchange Messaging Solutions
  • Backup solutions
  • LAN and WI-FI networks
  • Security equipment (Firewalls, Anti-virus)
  • Microsoft Office Suite

In addition, Groupe Infynia can handle your server room, IT relocation and end-to-end network cabling projects.

Groupe Infynia can help you choose the hardware and software that will make up your infrastructure

Since 1983, Groupe Infynia has been authorized to supply hardware from the largest suppliers of IT equipment and software. We can recommend the right hardware for your needs, no matter what your business sector is.

Equipment manufacturers

  • For workstations and laptops: Lenovo, HP ;
  • For servers: HP, Lenovo;
  • For firewalls: Fortinet;
  • For switches: HP, Cisco ;
  • For printers: HP, Lexmark, Xerox, etc. ;

Software manufacturers

  • For OS and office automation: Microsoft ;
  • For virtualization: Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • For antivirus software: Webroot;
  • For backup copies: Veeam ;
  • For data replication: Veeam;

Hosted service providers

  • For online backups: Sherweb, ItCloud ;
  • For data replication and succession planning: Veeam ;
  • For Office 365: Sherweb, ItCloud;
  • For high volume applications: Azure, Amazon;

Optimize your IT infrastructure with Groupe Infynia

Whatever goals you wish to achieve, our team will be able to offer you relevant and effective business solutions at a competitive price.  Trust us and you can count on a reliable, durable and flexible IT and hardware infrastructure.