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The mission entrusted to us by several of our clients (GoldCorp, ArcelorMittal, Stornoway Diamonds, Horizon North Logistics, DetourGold and various other mining and oil clients)

Mining and oil companies often develop projects in remote areas. To attract and retain skilled workers, they must provide them with quality housing, transportation and food services, while ensuring their health and safety. The management of these services is very complex and expensive. Hence the need to implement the right tools and processes.

Solutions implemented to meet the client’s needs

Since 2008, Infynia and Infynia International have developed and marketed the CampLogistiks software package, which manages work schedules, accommodations, transportation, the cafeteria, housekeeping and employee training in one simple and effective solution.


The user-friendliness of CampLogistiks, the depth and integration of its modules, combined with the excellent level of support provided by our teams, have enabled us to position ourselves as a leader in the Canadian market. Several world-class companies have been using CampLogistiks on a daily basis since 2009.
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Projet sheet:

Companies: GoldCorp, ArcelorMittal, Stornoway Diamonds, Horizon North Logistics, DetourGold et divers autres clients miniers et pétroliers

Location: Global

Industry sector: Industriel

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Linq to SQL, Crystal Reports, CSS3, jQuery, Daypilot

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