Security solutions for businesses
in the retail sector

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Security is a very important issue in the retail sector. After all, crimes such as fraud and shoplifting result in substantial losses for companies in this market.
That’s why, as a leader in security solutions, Groupe Infynia has developed a service offer that is specially designed to meet the specific needs of retailers.

Video analytics: at the heart of retail security solutions

Retail companies are at the forefront of new technological advances in security and video analytics.

Video analytics is used to provide retailers with all relevant information about their customers. Moreover, a number of facial recognition solutions have been developed in recent years to help companies reduce losses due to theft.

Some examples of how video analytics is used in shops

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is used to identify the presence of an unwanted individual in your business. The facial recognition system recognizes the person’s image and a signal is sent to you. You can then trigger your response procedures and prevent an offence from being committed. Groupe Infynia can also offer support through its prevention and loss partners.

Remote video surveillance

Some retailers operate primarily outdoors, such as car dealerships. First, we deploy a video surveillance system on the site to be protected, which generates alarms in the event of an intrusion. Then, our operations center handles the alarm and activates a series of procedures to protect your site and prevent a breach.

Customer experience

Many platforms allow retail companies to leverage their security systems to improve the customer experience. As explained, several pieces of information can be identified. With features such as visitor counts, conversion rates, queue management, thermal maps, directional analysis and face capture, companies can gather information that will help them better understand their customers, make informed decisions in real-time and increase their profitability.

Other video analytics applications for retail businesses

People counter

How many people visit your stores and how many of them make purchases?
Axis People Counter

Intelligent analytical data for queue management

Do you know how long your queues are?
Axis Queue Monitor

Understand occupancy through your customers

Do you know the average number of people needed to have enough staff on the floor?
Axis Occupancy Estimator

Prevention of fraudulent transactions

Integrate your POS system with your cameras.

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We can guide you in the right direction when choosing the best video analytics platform for your business and explain how to maximize the potential of the information collected within it.