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Quebec and Canada have a significant amount of natural resources and are prime destinations for entrepreneurs in the natural resources sector. Since its creation in 1983, Groupe Infynia has been engaged in this industry and over the years has developed close relationships with major players in the sector and a unique expertise.

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Unified security system

One of the major challenges facing the natural resources industry is the shortage of skilled labour. Sites are often located in remote areas where the pool of workers is smaller.

Infynia provides you with the resources and expertise of its partners located throughout Quebec and Ontario to carry out your projects in total security. They have carried out numerous projects for the natural resources industry and are familiar with the issues these companies face (difficult weather conditions, high level of security required, critical infrastructure, availability of workers, etc.).

Our professionals are qualified to audit your systems and present their recommendations to you, then participate in the implementation of these recommendations.

Groupe Infynia also offers you the ability to outsource your security needs.

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Unified security system

One of the security challenges in the natural resources industry is the size and number of sites to be secured. A well integrated security system will give you an overview of your different systems at all times so that you can secure your installations, the people who work there and take the right actions at the right time in the event of an incident.

Groupe Infynia has developed expertise in security systems integration. In addition, thanks to Genetec, we can now deploy a unified security system that will integrate your access control, video surveillance and incident management systems into a single platform, Security Center.

Specialized cameras for the needs of the natural resources sector

At Infynia, we are well aware of the challenges your security cameras will have to address to meet your needs (freezing cold, heat, storms, dirt, low lighting, etc.). For each situation, we will find the camera that will meet your expectations.

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If you are a company working in the natural resources sector and you want to optimize your security system at multiple levels, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Our experts will recommend the best solutions that address your realities.