Infynia security services
for public sector companies

Infynia your ideal partner

Public sector security is an issue for all governments and their citizens.
The challenge is to ensure the protection of government assets and the people who work there, while enabling access for users of public services.

With its experience, Groupe Infynia has the ability to assist public sector organizations in achieving their security objectives.
Moreover, Infynia is authorized by the Autorité des marchés financiers to enter into public contracts.

Our service offers for the public sector

Professional Services

Our professionals serve all public sector organizations (municipalities, police forces, hospitals, etc.). 

Our professionals are qualified to audit your systems and present their recommendations to you, to then participate in the implementation of these recommendations.

Groupe Infynia also offers you the ability to outsource your security needs.

Unified access and video management

Genetec’s unified management platform Security Center is perfect for public sector organizations. The platform simplifies your security operations with an interface that combines your video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems, as well as your communications, intrusion detection and analysis.

Access control via facial recognition

This access control method is increasingly popular with large organizations to manage access to highly secure areas.

Remote site security

From our operations center, we can remotely monitor your sites via your video surveillance system. Our qualified operators are trained to respond to intrusions and emergencies.

Want to know more about Infynia’s security services for public companies?

If your company is in the public sector and you want to optimize your security systems, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Our professionals can recommend custom solutions that meet the needs of your organization.