Our Security Services for Businesses

Solutions and systems for smart management

Infynia offers a wide range of products and services, from access control solutions to live video surveillance to the full management of your systems by our experts. Our affordable, comprehensive, and smart physical security and information technology solutions are designed and deployed in an innovative, simple, and efficient manner and adapted to the needs of your small or large business.

Managed security services

When everything goes through a single access point

Enjoy greater simplicity and efficiency with Infynia+ managed services for your business. Our unique Infynia+ offer can be adjusted to your needs for a partial or full management of all your systems. Unique en son genre, notre offre Infynia+ est modulable selon vos besoins pour une prise en charge partielle ou complète de tous vos systèmes

Surveillance Camera Systems

We are your eyes and ears

We offer a range of video systems that are renowned for their quality and easy installation and use. These systems rely on technologies such as artificial intelligence so you can let them do the thinking for you.

Access control

Your company’s first line of defence

Backed by our experience in deploying large-scale systems worldwide, we have acquired leading expertise in access control for companies.

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

For your peace of mind

We offer a full range of remote solutions, from alarm-triggered video surveillance to remote concierge services to system monitoring.

Alarm Systems for Businesses

Saved by the bell

Whether you are a SME looking to protect your business or a large company that needs to secure all its facilities over a vast territory, we offer a wide range of alarm systems designed to ward off intruders, prevent fires and toxic spills, and more.

Security consulting services

Infynia, your expert security consultant

Crucial to all your security projects, our security consulting services will save you time and money. Every project or business relationship starts with our expert consultants conducting an analysis of your existing systems, needs, challenges, deadlines, and budgets. Our approach guarantees both your success and ours in the deployment of new security solutions.

See Infynia enterprise security solutions in action

There’s nothing like concrete examples to clearly grasp the possibilities offered by Infynia security solutions.Take a moment to see how Infynia’s clients from a variety of industries have benefited from the recommended solutions they implemented.