Security consulting services

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Crucial to all your security projects, our security consulting services will save you time and money. Every project or business relationship starts with our expert consultants conducting an analysis of your existing systems, needs, challenges, deadlines, and budgets. Our approach guarantees both your success and ours in the deployment of new security solutions.

We want to help you

Do you have a complex project where the stakes are high? Our professionals are always up for a challenge.

Put them to the test and watch them deploy all their expertise to offer you customized solutions.

A personalized service that perfectly aligns with your organization’s goals is the Groupe Infynia guarantee.

Which type of customer are you?

New security customer

  • Analysis / Consultation
  • Investment plan
  • Choice of manufacturing partners
  • Design (coverage plan, network diagram, block diagram, product inventory)
  • Turnkey project management

Unsatisfied security customer

  • IT and security audit
  • Security history analysis
  • Custom software development
  • Interface customization
  • Migration of security systems
  • Standards and procedures

Satisfied security customer

  • Redundant infrastructure design
  • Integration of management platforms and SQL databases
  • Risk analysis and threats
  • Automation project
  • Remote management (remote operator – drone)
  • Artificial intelligence optimization and Deep Learning

Access control via facial recognition

This access control method is increasingly popular with large organizations to manage access to highly secure areas.

Remote site security

From our operations center, we can remotely monitor your sites via your video surveillance system. Our qualified operators are trained to respond to intrusions and emergencies.

Our various professional services for companies


Project management

Software updates

Integration and development


Advanced training

Highly-specialized level 2 and 3 resources

Do you want to make significant investments in security to protect your assets? Does your security team face challenges when deploying new solutions? Did you make the right decision, but realize that you could use short-term expertise to get through the crucial first steps of your deployment to ensure adaptation and peak performance?

Contact INFYNIA experts to maximize your resources and solve these problems.

Potentially complicated security projects may require precise knowledge of specific products and solutions. Your security environment may have changed since the initial implementation of your solutions. Short-term strategic needs can impede the training needs of your personnel. We will help you become proficient users of your solutions and ensure a real return on your investment.

Do you have questions about our professional services?

If you want more information or to simply be guided to the services that will help your business thrive, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.

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