Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

For your peace of mind

We offer a full range of remote solutions, from alarm-triggered video surveillance to remote concierge services to system monitoring. Furthermore, several of our cloud-based solutions reduce costs without compromising on our systems’ performance. Our operations centre watches over your assets remotely and in real time 24/7. Our meticulous operators analyze and detect any suspicious images. They are rigorously trained to deal with stressful situations and work with emergency services. When an alarm is triggered, our operators confirm the validity of the alarm and set off a very precise protection process (remote vocal intervention, emergency services, patrol units). 

Sleep with peace of mind

Infynia is a proud partner of the Sirix Operations Center, which offers comprehensive and accessible remote security solutions.

Simplify your daily life with the help of Sirix.

Services included with Sirix security solutions

To ensure the total security of your business, there are several strategies that can be implemented when Infynia deploys its Sirix solutions.

Live video surveillance

Cloud access control

Attendant / intercom response

Infrastructure surveillance and monitoring

Alarm video verification

Escorte de transport virtuelle


Enhancing the Level of Security on Énergir’s Distribution Sites

Enhancing the Level of Security on Énergir’s Distribution Sites

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The Infynia Virtual Convoy

The Infynia Virtual Convoy

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Entrust your security needs to Infynia experts

If you want to reduce your surveillance costs, Groupe Infynia can offer you remote security solutions. Benefit from a personalized service that fully meet the needs of your company.