Discover how Infynia can help save money and reduce pollution with virtual convoy technology that keeps trucks safe no matter what route they take.

The mission entrusted to us by a transport sector client

An INFYNIA client working in the transportation industry wanted to replace the escort vehicles he used to secure some of his convoys. He wanted to equip his fleet with a technology that would allow him to supervise his transports in real-time. The objectives were to improve the level of safety, reduce safety costs and minimize the ecological footprint.

Security solutions implemented to meet the client’s requirements

Infynia equipped its client’s truck fleet with technology that allows them to escort trucks in real-time via the Sirix Operations Center. This is made possible using GPS positioning and video monitoring on multiple positions of the tractor and trailer. This solution also enables a continuous audio and video feed with the vehicle driver. Multiple security protocols help raise the standards and security levels imposed by authorities.

Results achieved from the implementation of INFYNIA virtual convoy technology

With a minimal investment, the carrier can now escort its trucks around the world at a much lower annual cost than traditional convoy vehicles. In addition, the technology implemented increases the trucker’s level of safety during emergencies or critical situations. We can monitor multiple transport routes simultaneously. Risk of collision between the driver and his convoy is eliminated. The client reduces his ecological footprint by removing the need for a car to follow the trucks on the entire journey.

Wondering how you can benefit from our solutions?

If you would like more information on how we can put our innovative technologies to work for you or your company, do not hesitate to contact our team. As we have done for our transportation client, we can help you optimize your operations with our custom-built IT solutions.