Infynia Entrusted with Securing the SAQ’s Points of Service

Discover how Infynia has contributed to more than 400 SAQ distribution centers being managed efficiently and effectively.

The mission entrusted to us by the Société des alcools du Québec

Provide consistent, high-level service in the repair and installation of alarm and access control systems, as well as video systems for all outlets in the province of Quebec and administrative centers in Montreal and Quebec.

Solutions implemented to meet the client’s requirements

Across our Quebec partner network, we have implemented a consistent service plan called the INFYNIA Corporate Service. Precise metrics to measure the effectiveness of our operations illustrate the outstanding results of this service. The Infynia Corporate Service standards remain the same all throughout in Quebec.

With the Infynia Corporate Service, our team can handle a high flow of 24/7 service requests. A high-level technical resource is assigned to the client account and is responsible for the daily coordination of procedures and tasks. Each request is prioritized according to the schedule established with the client. Our customer portal allows administrators/customers to track the status of queries in real-time.

New projects benefit from our personalized project management system that enables the client to track project progress and timelines. Each stage of the project is subject to quality control to ensure the project’s success.

Results achieved from the INFYNIA Corporate Service implementation

The implementation of our INFYNIA Corporate Service enabled us to meet the client’s expectations and ensure a high level of satisfaction, from Gaspé to Gatineau. Our support methods and the traceability of our work enable the client to manage more than 400 service points simultaneously while tending to other projects or special requests at the same time. The documentation of our interventions allows us to carry out rigorous follow-ups and to improve the speed of request resolution. Our algorithms designed to expedite request resolutions allow you to assign the appropriate resource to each query.

Wondering how our solutions can help you?

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